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Xpel PPF Will Add Protection To Your Vehicle

Xpel Ultimate Protective Film (PPF) is a high-tech, almost invisible urethane film that absorbs bumps and scratches from everyday driving to protect your paint from damage. The special character of this film, also known as a “transparent bra”, allows energy to be distributed throughout the film so that a stronger impact does not damage the car paint.

Xpel has a special topcoat which is a self-reducing polymer that can recover from scratches at ambient temperatures but is accelerated by heat when left in the sun. This self-healing top layer is brought back to the market for the first time by Xpel. You can get your Xpel paint protection film installed from Jr’s auto detailing.

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This self-healing process completely ruled out the possibility of the dark vehicle becoming covered in any visible vortex trails. xpel Ultimate plus At 215 microns thick, it is three times thicker than the factory-made transparent coating that protects your paint finish.

Xpel has the world's largest online database of over 80,000 vehicle models, which allows us to completely cut computerized kits for your car at home without the risk of using a knife on your paint.

While these models are among the best in the industry, customers may want to get past that by removing vehicle parts to hide most of the film, and the availability of this clipping feature allows complete control over the customization of these models.