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Women’s Guide to Choosing the Best Bracelets

The sparkle of a bracelet could transform any look from drab to stunning. They can be of any size, shape or color making them ideal to mix and match. If you're ready to build your own stack it's a bit difficult to determine where to start. The good news is that we are here to help.

Bold Designs:

If you are just beginning your collection of bracelets you must select a piece that stands out. It is not advisable to choose a design that's too thin, however something that is too big might not work in your ideal stack , either. For the perfect fit take a look at the Imperial 3 Point Cuff. This stunning cuff bracelet is made of Gold and has the outer Gold Band as featured on

If you're searching for a style that's as loud as your character the imperial sof bracelet is the ideal choice to complement your style. This stunning bracelet is adorned with a variety of set aquamarine as well as blue cubic zirconia gemstones and creates beautiful waves when you move. The bright pop of color is the perfect complement to any stack of bracelets.

Give a Touch of Texture:

If it's all about drama, then the perfect chunky link bracelet is the ideal accessory to complete your look. The black rhodium links are linked to 14K gold pave to create an appearance that calls attention. The bracelet is strong and therefore can be worn at any time of the day. It can give you the WOW effect at the boardroom, fitness, or even on an evening date.