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What You Should Know About Otoplasty Surgery

The most well-known form of otoplasty was developed to improve the appearance and shape of ears of children because of congenital problems. Microtia is a condition where the patient is born with ears that are abnormally small.

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When to Consider Cosmetic Ear Surgery: Frederick H Watkins, MD: Plastic Surgeon

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Anotia is a deformity where the patient is born with no ears in any way. Although this surgery might not help the patient's hearing, it can improve their overall quality of life. 

It is important to look normal and fit in. is crucial for kids of all different ages. Being able to look normal in the outer ear (pinna) helps kids build a strong Self-image and confidence.

However, many plastic surgeons suggest that parents should wait until their kid is a certain age before undergoing an otoplasty. This is especially true when the surgeon is using cartilage taken from the rib cage. 

It is essential to have enough cartilage available for the surgeon to make sure the procedure is secure and efficient. Utilizing the cartilage of the patient offers many advantages, including the fact that it's not a foreign object and is less likely to be blocked by the patient's immune system.

Otoplasty is also popular with those who have suffered an injury or burn or aren't satisfied with how their ears appear. The ears can be pinched close towards the face. Large ears can be reduced in size. Particular folds and bends in cartilage could be altered and changed. 

Most children who undergo this kind of procedure will require general sedation accompanied by anesthesia. For adults, however dependent on the kind and the extent involved, the patient could be able to do the procedure with just local anesthesia.