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What Is Expat Online Counseling? Does It Work?

Online counselling for expats, also called "e-counselling" or distant therapy, is still a relatively new field and is growing rapidly. Since 1995, the American Psychology Association has recognized online therapy methods. 

A body of research has shown that online counselling is as effective as face-to-face (FTF) counselling for certain types of disorders. In this reference, you can find professional digital personal coaching  in San Antonio.

This terminology refers to online counselling for expats using email, chat, telephone, and video conferencing. Counselling via video conferencing is a great way to work with expats living in areas without access to an English-speaking therapist.

Most expats are Type A individuals, it is safe to assume. They may be diplomats or high-ranking executives in multinational corporations. We find that their couples are also Type A personalities. Typ A people are known for their perfectionist tendencies, which often leads to anxiety. We are not meant to be this way. 

Many expat spouses feel that everyone else seems to have it all together, even their own children. To appear strong and self-reliant, they create an image of themselves as a super mom or dad in the expat community.

Many of these husbands and wives left high-powered professions to follow their spouses overseas. It can be difficult for a spouse or partner to work overseas, which can lead to a loss of identity and sometimes depression.