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What Is Bunions? Know Something About Its Symptoms And Surgery In Reisterstown

People think that bunion is a bump of hard skin on the joints of the foot but they are wrong in this. Actually, a bunion is an enlarged bone of the foot joint which is covered with soft tissues of the base of the bone. It can found on the big as well as on the small foot also.

If you figure it out properly you can see that in case of big toe bunion, the big toe is pushed inside towards the second toe.  A podiatrist is an expert and they can provide treatment of bunion in Reisterstown.

Symptoms of Bunion

There are several kinds of symptoms that make the people think that they are having Bunion, but some common symptoms are, as a bony little bump may be there, that bump may behave red skin on the base of the big or small toe. There is a pain in the joints of the toe and it gets worse when you put pressure on that part of your toe. The position of the tip of the big toe is pointing toward the second toe of your foot.

Surgery of Bunion

A podiatrist in Reisterstown will check the X-ray properly, after checking X-ray he will prescribe you the next step for a bunion. If the doctor finds bunion is painful or is enlarged then, he will ask to have a treatment of it by doing a surgery which is known as a bunionectomy. In this surgery, your podiatrist will make your toe straight, doing some debridement in it or k wire may be also used to make it straight.

If you find any kind of bunion symptom in your foot toe, just reach your podiatrist in Reisterstown and tell him about that, he will surely help you out with his best procedure.