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What Is Assisted Living? The Basics To Find Senior Living Option In Rhode Island

What is Assisted Living?

It can be difficult to distinguish between the many types of senior living that are available and to decide which one is right for you. This confusion is made worse by the fact that different services are offered at different facilities to different people.

Residents receive the personal care and support they require while still maintaining their independence. This is why there are so many Senior Placement Services in Rhode Island

These are a great option if you require more personal care than you can provide at home but don't need constant supervision from a nursing home.

This living option is for those who have difficulty with daily tasks but want to retain their independence. You can receive the support you require while still maintaining your independence.

What Services are Available?

Seniors who need assistance with daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, and getting to the toilet in the middle of the day are able to choose assisted living. Some facilities offer assistance with medication and housekeeping. 

A variety of quality facilities can help you create a plan that suits your needs and allows you to do what you want.

Is it the Same As A Nursing Home?

It is not true. While they offer the same services, a nursing home offers 24-hour supervision and medical attention for residents. An assisted living community offers 24-hour care, but residents are encouraged to live in their own homes. 

Many communities offer both apartment-style and private housing. Some even have their own kitchens. Nearly all of these facilities offer group dining as well as areas for recreational and social activities.