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What Is A Bail Bondsman?

A bail bondsman or bail agency in Orange County is or the person who pledges funds to enable individuals to be granted bail from any charges that could lead to their being placed in jail. They usually deal with criminals and often get the release of a person in just an hour.

They typically have connections within the courthouse and, when coupled with the capital to get the person released could result in an effective bond. You can also call #1 Bail Bond Agency in South Orange County, CA, and can ask for a free consultation.

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The most common cost that bond agents charge is 10 percent of the bail needed to cover the bond as well as for the person being released. This fee cannot be refunded and

This fee of ten percent is becoming popular and is available for payment to obtain the person freed from detention. 

If the whole amount is needed, bail bondsmen in Orange County usually have an arrangement with creditors or banks to have access to the money in times when banks are closed. This is essential, as bail bondsman work is typically a 24-hour day job.

If a bond is not paid, or the individual chooses not to appear for the court date, the company that has paid the bond, bail bondsmen are legally permitted to take the person in and put them under the care of the justice system.