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What Are Turn-Key Real Estate Investment?

It's a simple concept in which investors buy, rehabilitate, and then resell the property at a profit. It is also known as "flipping" houses. This process usually occurs from a distance, because the remnants of an investor in its own house, sometimes at locations where flipping does not make sense and use the Internet to find and invest in opportunities.

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Typically, then, you buy a single-family house, fix it, to bring it in line with the current code and make it more attractive to buyers. Here's how it works:

  • A turnkey reseller or company to buy properties.
  • One or more investors buy shares in or all of the shares in the home.
  • Retailer or company "fixes up," or rehabilitation, the property to make it current and attractive to buyers.

Here is what you should do if you become a fin, rather than take advantage of turnkey solutions and have turnkey retailers handle the process for you.

  • Finding properties: First, you have to look for a suitable property, which means knowing the environment that will be attractive to buyers or tenants.
  • Rehabilitate the property: Next, you need to renovate and rehabilitate the property, so comply with current codes and also a single-family property is excellent. This requires an appropriate budget and attention to contractors and workers, something that requires an on-site presence.

In a situation of real estate investing full turn-key, you are an investor, not a fan or owner. You hire someone else to manage the property for you, so all you have to do is collect the profits.