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What Are The Tools Used By Crime Scene Investigators

Experts use many types of tools during Crime Scene Investigation. While investigating the murder, gunplay, the complex traffic accident or even hostage negotiations, police need tools to provide the correct and accurate results so that culprit can easily be found.

Crime Scene Kits

Having the correct equipment for evidence is also important in the LiDaR crime scene reconstruction.

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forensic tools

If the medical examiner could narrow down the types of drugs, then they will know the cause of death. This information will speed up the search to a different level for CSI.

Intense lighting

Having a well-lit surface allows CSI to evaluate and eliminate any factors. It also warned the people nearby, including criminals, to not approach the area because it was police region.

Highlighting features ideal for shining light into the higher areas for spotting a criminal. It also allows the CSI or the police to look far beyond the crime scene for any evidence or clues.

Evidence Storage Kit

Some evidence is very sensitive and must be stored properly. Adapted to storage and freezer proof kit allows evidence to be stored for quite a long time while the investigation is still being pursued. It also allows for storage during processing time.

Photo or Video processing platform

For some investigations, the police need the ability to have a stable platform for taking photos or videos. It is usually used to track suspects. If a photo or video processing unit in the vehicle, then the information can be quickly determined or investigated further to another user or suspected strictures.