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Visa For Your Partner

Applying for a visa is not a simple process especially if you won't live in Australia. Most people think that marriage itself will grant their partner the right to go abroad. Your partner must satisfy all the criteria for getting an Australian partner visa.

Your marriage certificate is an important document that needs to be scrutinized by the authorities. Moreover, all relevant and legal documents of your partner need also be submitted to the authorities in the original.

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Further corroboration may also be required which can be shown through correspondence mails, postcards, chats, emails, photos, receipts et al. Just collecting all these documents is a time-consuming process that may run into weeks.

An interview may also be conducted separately of you and your partner for further corroboration of your relationship. Moreover, your partner may be required to undergo mandatory medical tests.

The visa applied for is an Australia spouse visa. In case your partner wants to work then you can also apply for a corresponding work permit. This allows your partner to live in Australia for 2 years. After this, if the couple is still married and living together, permanent residency can be filed.

However, it's not only your spouse who has to get her documents in order you have to furnish some documents yourself like the documents related to your current financial position and accommodation in Australia.