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Useful Nose Surgery Guide

Nose surgery is used to correct all types of nasal insufficiency, especially in patients who are dissatisfied with the aesthetic appearance of their nose. It can also be used in combination with other similar techniques for better results. Septoplasty is just one of the interventions that can be used in conjunction with a nose job. 

This is one of the many procedures performed in offices but is often considered to be one of the most difficult procedures to perform in cosmetic surgery. You can consult nose job specialist in San Francisco for more details.

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There are two main options for getting a good result for this procedure. The incision, when placed in the endonasal area, closes and is almost invisible. Postoperative oedema is reduced using the most modern techniques, but visibility is much lower for surgeons in complex cases. An open nose job is a very small incision that is barely visible.

With this surgery, doctors can reshape the nose by operating the cartilage, bone and soft tissue of the nose. The nose can be shortened, thinned, turned inward or outward. Most of the other scars are endonasal and invisible. The thickness of the skin covering these structures is very important to achieve the final result. Therefore, thick skin is usually associated with more blemishes. Thin skin, on the other hand, emphasizes any defects that result from surgery. 

The most common changes during surgery are changes to the nasal cartilage, excision, and suturing of the nasal pyramids. Cartilage can also be added to aid intervention. The bridge of the nose is removed with a chisel. If the nose is too wide, there may be a broken bone that needs to be removed. The angle between the upper lip and nose is changed by cutting the nasal septum. Nasal surgery is often used to restore the natural shape of the nose through post-traumatic repair or to correct aesthetic defects. This operation dramatically improves facial appearance.