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Use An Empty Parking Lot When Learning How To Drive A Stick Shift

As a beginner it is probably a great idea to learn how to drive a stick shift in an empty parking lot. There's no way you want to practice driving a stick in rush hour traffic, or even on any public road with cars around. This is especially true if there are any hills in the area. If you are learning how to drive a stick shift on a public road with a hill, you could easily end up rolling backwards and crashing into the car behind you. If you don't operate the clutch pedal and apply the brake at the same time while on a steep hill your car will roll backwards.

When you pick an empty parking lot to practice driving a stick shift make sure there are no curbs or poles you will crash into. It's quite simple to avoid objects in a manual transmission car, but as a beginner it may be overwhelming to do all these things at the same time. It's best to keep it simple in the beginning. After you learn how to drive a stick shift in a parking lot and you are comfortable in your new skills, you can begin taking your car onto public roads. It would be best to practice in low traffic situations as a beginner learning stick shift, but as long as you are comfortable you should be just fine.

Just remember that if the car stalls at a traffic light, smash the clutch pedal in and fire the engine back up to get your car rolling again. You don't want to hold up traffic while learning how to drive a stick shift in public.