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Toilet Seat For Kids In Singapore

As soon as kids have the hang of going to the bathroom independently then you can begin restricting your oversight of these, but to make sure they have no troubles you need to give them toilet training. 

To do this you need to buy the perfect kids toilet seat for your baby to give them training. When training your kid to visit the bathroom it's necessary not to scold them they may refuse to sit on the potty seat. 

This is only because they may start to associate visiting the bathroom with poor behavior, you should not promote this behavior. 


Don't get frustrated once they sit on the potty seat or they don't urinate. Take care of the personal hygiene of your baby, as they might be too small to take care of it.

That is as equally important as visiting the bathroom and when not practiced can result in poor hygienic practice and sometimes cause your kid to become unhealthy and ill.

Until they get comfortable parents must always hold and/or help their son or daughter. When the kid gradually grows more comfortable the parent could gradually back-off to the point at which they're only supervising and then once the child is trained then the parent can then simply allow the child to move into the restroom themselves.