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Tips to Follow Up Your Australian Visa Application

Applying for an Australian visa is obviously not an easy thing. The lines at the embassy can be quite long and may take you hours before you can have an application that you submit. And then there is the whole waiting period while the visa is being processed.

In fact, waiting for the outcome of your application can be as nerve-wracking as the submission itself. Here, you will most likely be very anxious when you wait a few weeks to hear some news about your application. You can know more about travel permit to Australia from various online sources.

Demand for doorstep visa services on the rise

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The first thing you need to know here is when to follow up. Technically, you can follow up only a few days after you file your applications. However, this would not be a good idea because it is likely that your application has not yet reached the processing table so that the people at the embassy will not really give any information about it.

The best time to review your application again after four weeks. At this time, it is likely that your application has been accepted for processing, so there will be an update. Also, today is the waiting period long enough for an update that will automatically be sent to you by the embassy.

As a follow-up, you should have a transaction identification number (TIN) in hand. This one is usually given to you after the Embassy has received your application, so make sure that you write it because it will be used in finding your documents. In case you forgot your TIN, you can give your full name and additional details to obtain information.