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Tips to Clean and Maintain Your Pool

The following are tips that can help you in keeping your pool:

Give consideration to the chlorine intensity in the water of the swimming pool. Experts believe that the level of 1ppm enough chlorine to kill harmful algae and bacteria. You can also hire experts for pool maintenance in long island via

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Those who face the problem of algal blooms and increase the number of bacteria in the water is due to improper levels of chlorine. This is the reason it is always recommended to keep a regular check on it. Keep in mind that you have diluted the chemicals before adding them to the water.

Whether it is chlorine or other chemicals; you must first dissolve it into a bucket full of water before giving a shock to your pool chemistry. The most important component of a swimming pool filters system. So always keep and make sure that it works.

Clean the filter on a regular basis. Dead algae collected by the filter, so make sure that you remove this alga regularly and quickly otherwise it will get stacked in it and create problems. This is the reason why it is often very important to clean the filter.

Make sure that the water level of phosphate in accordance otherwise it will produce much higher levels of chlorine in it. Such high levels instead of killing the algae will be food and they will grow faster than ever.