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Tips To Choosing The Right Investment In The Property

Investment property is a property acquired for the purpose of generating a return, or through rental income, the future resale of the property, or both.

A good property investment advisor will make sure they understand your individual circumstances and your needs and goals before anything else so they can find the best investment property that's right for you.

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Key things to consider when buying units, villas, or townhouses are:

1. Higher capital growth is generally more attainable in smaller unit blocks. This is due to scarcity and also lower maintenance costs mainly.

2. Higher capital growth is generally more attainable in blocks that are majority owner-occupied rather than investor-owned. This is mainly due to less turnover and better maintenance of the property.

3. The higher the land allocation to a particular unit in a block the more the value it will have and generally higher the capital growth it will achieve moving forward. 

Key things to consider when buying houses with land over units are:

1. Houses traditionally gain higher CG due to larger land apportionments, and closer to city, water, amenities, transport, employment, and entertainment you get more chance for higher capital growth (i.e. areas with land scarcity).

2. Houses are more flexible for renovation or property development as opposed to units, therefore the added value and capital appreciation factors are far greater.