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Tips To Avoid Heartburn

There are several ways to stop heartburn with the use of natural and pharmaceutical products. The ultimate goal to stop heartburn should be from temporary episodes to permanent relief. Natural methods to stop heartburn include making dietary and lifestyle changes and taking natural products to relieve the symptoms.

People who have frequent heartburn should stop using heartburn medicine or other medications and start making lifestyle changes that will eventually eliminate the problem. Heartburn episodes can be triggered by what one eats and drinks during a meal, especially the last meal before bed.

To stop heartburn, the first step is to reduce your food intake. High amounts of fats are common in large meals. These fats can stay in the stomach for a long period of time before being digested. Acid reflux occurs when the stomach cannot contain its acidic contents. Acid reflux causes heartburn symptoms by causing irritation to the delicate esophagus. Many people fear that heartburn symptoms may lead to a heart attack as they feel the pain in their chest. Take smaller meals five times per day instead of the three large ones.

These are the foods and drinks you should avoid:

1. Hot dishes such as those from Indian and Mexican cuisines are a great option.

2. Tomato-rich dishes such as those in Italian pizzas and pastas

3. Chocolates, Donuts, Creamy desserts.

4. Citrus-based desserts and fruits; contains oranges and lemons.