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Tips on How You Can Better Prepare Dried Flowers

There's no denying how flowers are equated with everything sweet and beautiful, from giving bouquets to our loved ones on special days to decorating everything and anything with colorful and exquisite floral arrangements.

Indeed, flowers are the perfect epitome of beauty. But, wait, beauty doesn't last forever!

This is where dried flowers come into the picture. You can also navigate to this website to buy dry flowers online.

Today, flowers are not only warranted as fresh decorations—the trend is favoring dehydrated or dried versions of flowers, which last longer, cost lesser, can be handled easier, and are more available.

Here's a peek at how you can prepare dried flowers:

  • The perfect time to pick flowers for drying is in the morning hours after the dew has evaporated from the plants. Use pure rubber bands in clustering the stems and immediately take them out of the sunlight's glare.
  • Keep the drying flowers out of direct sunlight or near forced air heat registers when you use them in their final state. This is to reduce fading and shattering over time.
  • Dried flowers can be used in wreaths, swags, sheaths, bouquets and sprays. Even by just hanging dried flowers in a room, you can already increase the venue's appeal. Placing dried flowers in a basket is most striking.
  • Though dried versions last longer than their fresh counterparts, you can increase their life span by storing them appropriately. Wrap the flowers in newspaper and place them in a cardboard box. Do not keep the box in a location that is damp or very dry.

Just like their fresh counterparts, the beauty of dried flowers depends on how you prepare, handle and store them.