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Things To Know About Patient Lifting Slings

Concepts are Your Producers of Patient Lifting Gear, Such as Patient Lifting Hoists and Cosmetic Dentistry Slings.

The General Purpose Slings can readily be fitted and supports patients who have some upper body control. These standing straps are available in a variety of sizes (in XS to XXL) and two kinds of substance (Fabric and Mesh).

The General Goal with Head Service Slings is may also be fitted and supplies patients with neck and head support. Offered in a variety of sizes (XS to XXL) and Fabric and Mesh* substance. *Mesh material is acceptable for bathing.

The Care Slings are developed for bathroom washing and transfers. These slings incorporate a lien security belt that ensures that the patient is firmly controlled. This sling is offered in conductive cloth material and comes in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large). Regrettably, not all patients who want a maintenance sling can deal with the shortage of support.

The Pivot Slings are intended to raise the patients in sitting or lying positions which offers the right posture when being moved. Pivot Slings cover all dimensions, from Extra Small to Extra Extra Large, and can be found either in Fabric or Insulation substance.

The Pivot Care Slings provide simple accessibility to remove clothes for toilet washing and transfers. These slings additionally cover sizes from Extra Small to Extra Extra Large and Can Be Found in Fabric and Mesh Material.

Custom Made Slings are all fantastic possibilities for customers who can't use normal goods on the marketplace.