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Things To Know About General Dentistry in Leominster

General dental care involves patches, crowns, bridges, root canal care, dentures, teeth cleaning in the form of scale and polishing or in the form of general tooth advice from ordinary ratification and flossing, bond, oral and maxillofacial. This is the treatment given to patients according to their medical needs.

While treatments such as – Teeth whitening, veneers, lumineers and cosmetic bonds – are included in cosmetic dentistry that cares more about the appearance of teeth than actual medical needs.

Therefore, general dental medicine is more focused on care, maintenance, prevention and recovery of dental health. It is precisely the reason why someone must have a regular teeth examination.

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This regular tooth visit is a good way to find out overall dental health. During this visit, the dentist examines the patient's teeth, gums and discusses whether the daily method to keep the teeth clean.

Also, regular examinations help detect problems such as gums, teeth damage and even mouth cancers far earlier so that a systematic, painful and effective treatment plan can be mapped. For example, a disease like gingivitis if it is not diagnosed at the initial stage, it can be complicated to result in loss of one or several teeth. Therefore, the examination of ordinary general teeth helps keep tabs on all these dental problems.