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Yoga Mats – Which Kind is Right For You?

The Environmentally friendly yoga mat helps the environment in terms of enjoying a spiritual exercising yoga and fitness. These environmental carpets are usually much better than the smelly, toxic, and loaded with PVC mats and highly recommended by many experts. There are many beautiful designs of biodegradable yoga mat available online.

Consider four different categories; opt for a natural yoga mat: performance, durability, cost, and smell.

Performance: the ecological carpet should not be soft or hard, or sliding, rough or smooth, but with an average thickness, average hardness and slightly sticky and slightly rough. These qualities are ideal for practices such as flow vinyasa and ashtanga yoga.

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Durability: Sometimes environmentally friendly yoga mats are not as durable as plastic/rubber because they are made of natural materials. Classic rugs are made of industrial-grade plastic, which helps them last longer. You should weigh the cost of the yoga mat, the energy needed to produce the yoga mat, and the extra waste it can produce (often, biodegradable waste), to assess whether you get ahead when buying a natural fiber yoga mat.

Cost: the green carpet can be more expensive than the conventional carpet. But they are worth their price because they are very good for the environment and also for our health. This is not a good idea to breathe the fumes of plastic carpets while exercising on a traditional carpet.

Smell: organic mats have a strong smell of natural rubber, sometimes so strong that it could affect your practice.

So choose the right yoga mat that suits your needs and help you to be comfortable while doing exercise.