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Tag: urgent dental care

When Are Dental Problems Urgent?

Dental problems may never seem urgent-even tooth pain can wait for a few days but there are actually some emergent dental problems that need immediate treatment due to an accident, injury, or sudden onset of a health problem.

These issues require urgent attention in order to protect your oral health, appearance, and total body wellness.

Here are some common dental problems that may cause you to seek out urgent care and treatment.

Tooth Fractures

All of your teeth are prone to fractures, especially your upper front teeth. While fractures can often happen due to an impact, they can also occur during regular activity, such as chewing on something crunchy. You can also opt for Cedar Creek Dental in Portland to get reliable dental services.

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A fractured tooth can actually go undetected or be attributed to simple tooth pain for a significant amount of time. This is because sharp, sudden, and stabbing pain is a common symptom of a fractured tooth.

Typically, people feel fracture pain when eating something cold or applying pressure directly to the fracture while eating.

A dentist can easily repair a fracture with the use of a simple filling. However, an untreated fracture can lead to partial tooth loss or complete fractures-total separation of the tooth down a fracture line.

Once a fracture becomes this severe, the tooth will likely require a crown, root canal, or tooth replacement as any amount of cold, pressure, or air exposure will be excruciating. If you feel sharp tooth pain, etc.

Loose Teeth

If an injury loosens a tooth in its socket or if the gumline tissue surrounding the tooth bleeds severely, the injured person should see a dentist as soon as possible.

With immediate attention, a tooth can be repositioned, restabilized, and secured. The tooth can then stay in place permanently and remain healthy provided that regular care is obtained.