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All About Child Custody Rights

Many couples today are getting divorced. This is a rising and persistent problem in the United States. At least half of all marriages end in divorce and many of those same marriages have small children caught in the middle.

It is a very sad situation to see many parents fighting ruthlessly over their kids but we see this everyday play out in our court system. So if you are going through this experience my heart goes out to you. It is very important to know what rights you have as a parent.

There are many law firms that provide the best joint custody child support services.

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There are many types of child custody and each one grants certain rights to each parent depending upon the circumstances. Legal custody is the most common type of custody that is shared between both parents.

This type of custody involves the right to decide on the day to day existence of the children and also the responsibility to take care of the kid's welfare as well.

Physical custody is the right for the child to stay with one parent for some time and another parent for the remainder of the time. This type of custody is normally shared between both parents and the schedule is dependent upon the lifestyles of both parents and what would be best for the child.