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Tag: Forensic Image & Video Processing

Everything You Need To Know About Forensic Image Processing

Forensic image & video processing is is designed to process video files and still images alike, including CCTV footage. Forensic image & video processing software enables the user to execute the integrated plug-ins in a highly interactive mode with real-time results which are seen in a video preview. 

The core functions of forensic image processing software are in the field of Image and Video Analysis and Improvement. These include security and video surveillance, digital photos, photo film-based, digital scans, fingerprints, and other visual data associated with civil and criminal cases.

Forensic Image & Video Processing

Image and Video Analysis:

Forensic image and video analysis, including the examination, evaluation, analysis, enhancement, authentication, comparison, and the measurements of photos, videos, and other image data.

Pictures & Video Authentication

Analysis of images and videos to determine if they are what they purport to be if they depict real events, and whether or not they have been changed.

Pictures & Video Enhancement

Improvement and clarification usually refer to correcting image blur, reduce noise image, or adjusting brightness and contrast to bring out details that are otherwise difficult to distinguish.

A comparative analysis

Comparing a person or object in the photo or video to another to determine whether they are the same general characteristics, different, or had. This may include a comparison of people, clothes, or vehicles involved in a crime or accident, or other objects on the evidence in the photographs, etc.