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Tag: foil backed insulation blanket

Installing Insulation Blanket on Your Own


Let’s talk about topping up the roof insulation. The materials that will be needed is, first of all, is the safety gear, gloves, mask, and glasses. A full bodysuit, you can't just use full-length clothes. You also need torches, a knife for cutting the insulation, a kneeling board to support yourself across the beams in the ceiling, a non-conductive pole which can be used to get into the hard to reach areas and the insulation itself. Now you have a choice on which insulation to use, there's a variety to choose from but the most recommended is glass wool. You can get both wall and ceiling insulation depending on your needs. 

To begin with, you need to know how much insulation material is going to be needed so work out the roof space needed. After doing so you proceed. There are generally two different sizes of insulation to suit the roof joist, choose the one that's most applicable as you want a perfect fit. So, when you get down to work you want to first turn off the electricity. Leave the insulation in the bag while taking it to the attic, it's easier to move. Cut open the bag in the attic and let the insulation expand. Topping the insulation obviously increases thermal efficiency so it's extremely good. 

As corners of the roof are difficult to get into, you assess the place, cut pieces of insulation blanket to size, and then poke them into areas they need to be. Remember safety is paramount to doing the job. Make sure you put all your weight on the joists as they will stop you from going through the ceiling.