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Tag: Foam Signs In Australia

Different Types of Sign Foam Letters In Australia

If you are looking for something special and impactful, like lettering for your office lobby, then foam signature letters are a good choice for you. These character letters come in various forms such as metal, plastic, and lacquered foam letters.

Painted foam letters are created by placing structural foam between a smooth and hard surface and pressing it down. The sides of these letters are painted in the same matte or semi-gloss colour as the faces. You can also take help from professional foam signs companies in Australia for their sign printing services.

Plastic laminated foam letters are available in 19 colours and are manufactured by lamination on structural foam embedded between a smooth as well as hard surface. This plastic is coloured high gloss or matt gloss.

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Letters made of metal-coated foam are made by laminating gold, silver or copper onto a structural foam that is sandwiched between a hard and smooth surface. These metallic laminates can be polished to a glossy or matt finish. The three types of letters are 2.5 cm thick and glued together with adhesive.

The pressure-sensitive adhesive used to attach these characters is known as rearrangement glue and allows you to remove and re-attach your lettering at any time as needed.

You can also attach foam markings with a pen assembly which involves attaching flat heads or even safety pins to the back of the letters. This method works best for placing letters on pasting boards or for display boards.