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Indoor Cycling – How To Build an Aerobic Base

If you had just returned to work after a long layoff aerobics, you must reacclimatize. The key element is a concept called aerobic base building, which basically means establishing a basic level of aerobic fitness. Just as it is important to build a solid foundation for your home, it is equally important for your fitness level.

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Three Steps to Build Your Base

There are three factors that must be considered, and receive, when building your aerobic base. With indoor cycling, you will usually have a monitor screen to tell you how hard and how long you work, which is quite helpful.

Step One: Target Heart Rate

First, you must know your target heart rate. your target heart rate is the range of 65% to 80% of your maximum heart rate. Determine your maximum heart rate is easy – simply subtract your age from 220. Then multiply that rate of 65% to obtain the lower end of your target levels, and by 80% to gain the upper end.

Step Two: Commit To a Time Frame

Expect to build an aerobic base for a period of 6 to 8 weeks, maybe longer if you've been inactive for a while. Remember, the longer you exercise in your target zone, the more fat you will burn.

Step Three: Resilience and Intensity

Once you have built your aerobic base and know your target heart rate, time to challenge ourselves a little. Try to increase the length of time you work, or push yourself a little harder.