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Tag: Fear to fly

Overcoming Fear of Flying

Have you refused to travel somewhere to see family and friends by plane because your heart is scared about stepping on the plane or sent a shiver up and down your spine? Do you sweat thinking about boarding an airplane before going to the airport?

Chances are that you are one of the five people who suffer from panic of flying. There is nothing to worry about and often it can be quickly and easily corrected with minimum confusion. Do you know that in most cases the fear of flying in your mind is simply due to your mind's movements? 

Fear of Flying

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This was the reason in my case. In many cases, once you realize that it is all in your head, that cures your fear of flying. So why do some people suffer from the fear of flying especially to those who have been traveling on planes for years happily? 

Most fear is an irrational emotion that stems from a perceived rather than a real threat that is why it is commonly called phobia. A phobia is usually an irrational fear. Just because it's irrational it doesn't make it feel any less real for those of us who are suffering it or for those of us who have experienced it in the past.

So how can you overcome the fear of flying? This may be easier than you think. There are lots of online resources that you can download to help you understand what is happening. You can also use herbal remedies, hypnosis CDs and of course your local doctor will help you overcome your fear of flying.