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Comparison on Crates And Pallets

Do you handle international freight? If you are one of the companies involved in shipping goods across oceans, there are a number of factors you need to consider to ensure a successful shipment. Deciding how to transfer your goods is one of the most important considerations in protecting your shipment from damage.

When it comes to moving goods, custom built pallets and wooden boxes are the best  But deciding who is the best is hard work. That's why we provide a detailed comparison of crates and pallets here to make your shipment successful.

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Shipping box

If you are transporting fragile goods, a shipping box is an ideal choice. They are the best choice if special measures are taken to avoid damage in transit. While loading cargo can protect your goods to some extent, you can also take additional measures to keep your shipments safe.

When arranging items in custom boxes, more fragile items such as glass or electronics need to be managed separately. Separating unstable and unstable objects during shipping will minimize damage. In addition, pack ISPM certified shipping boxes as completely as possible with fragile items so that they have less freedom of movement during transportation.

Using crates for shipment is a safe, flexible option to ship fragile items and are built to accommodate standard and non-standard freight dimensions that can continue to provide protection for fragile goods.