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What are the Reasons for Dry Eyes?

An eye is a very complex and sensitive organ. As they are constantly exposed to the atmosphere, they need to be moisturized. The mechanism to keep our eyes moisturized is through tears. Dry eyes are a medical condition where tears can't provide adequate moisture. One of the obvious reasons for this is that your body may have a lack of water content. If you are looking for the best dry eye clinic in Toronto then you can make an online search.


Dry eyes cause discomfort. The symptoms to look out for dry eyes include stinging or burning sensation in eyes, sensitivity to light, stringy mucus around the eyes, redness, and blurred vision. 

 best dry eye clinic in Toronto

Dry eyes are usually very uncomfortable and painful. It causes difficulty functioning in daily life. If you have prolonged exposure to the symptoms, you should consult a doctor in Toronto immediately because the condition may worsen.


Lack of adequate tears may arise due to various reasons like old age: This condition is generally more common in women after menopause due to hormonal changes. Autoimmune diseases such as lupus, scleroderma, or rheumatoid arthritis and diseases such as diabetes can also cause an imbalance of tears. Treatments like radiation treatment or bladeless Lasik.

Due to any eye surgery or treatment: Eye surgery increases the chance of dry eyes. But it is usually temporary.

Increased rate of tear evaporation leaves the eye dry: This can arise due to external reasons such as wind, smoke, or dust. Increased screen time or reading time also causes tears to evaporate faster. Internal reasons may be eyelid problems, such as turning in or turning out of the eyelids.

You could find well-versed eye specialist doctors in Toronto. Equipped with high-quality diagnostic equipment, they provide the best care for the detection and management of glaucoma, retinal disease, refractive surgery, diagnosis, and treatment for dry eyes.