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Does Your Rigger Have The Right Insurance?

High risk is always present with crane, rigging, construction, and heavy equipment companies and therefore security is essential. As a rigger, you are exposed to a wide range of risks every day. It is therefore important to have any type of insurance rigger in case of mishappening. 

There are many insurance companies that offer full rigging assurance coverage coverage based on their policies. There is the risk that your job could cause damage to the property of a person or the most serious risk that your work could result in injury or death of someone.

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There is also the risk that you may suffer a serious injury or illness, which could prevent you from working and unable to earn an income. The rigger can return to its insurer and obtain approval for increased coverage.

Rigger insurance can help manage these risks. There are the main types of insurance that we recommend for riggers:

Liability insurance

Covers you if your work results in damage to the property of a person or cause injury or death.

Income protection insurance

Pays you an income if you are unable to work due to injury or illness.

Life insurance

Pays your estate a lump sum in case of death or diagnosis of a terminal illness.