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Sourcing BPO for Procurement Excellence

For companies that are looking beyond smaller scale operational cost reductions to value generating procurement transformation, sourcing BPO vendors offer compelling solutions. This is in addition to deeply skilled resources and a track record of innovation, measurable results and game changing implementations.

Sourcing BPO companies offer various service components as part of their procurement outsourcing solutions. These include:

  • Invoice processing
  • Requisition processing
  • T&E processing
  • Catalog enablement
  • Supplier enablement
  • Extensive, Cross-Industry Experience

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Be sure to partner with sourcing BPO providers with proven sourcing experience in numerous product and service categories, on behalf of many clients in various countries across the globe. This includes clients representing a wide range of industries such as high-tech, retail, utilities, government, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and industrial equipment.

Professional sourcing BPO companies will typically design and deliver their services based on a true one-to-many technology platform. Such a platform should be able to deliver business process excellence cost effectively, beginning with contracting and sourcing, right through transaction processing of payables.

Any BPO vendor worth their salt will have forged strong alliances with key procurement software vendors to assist in delivering cutting-edge solutions faster and with reduced risk.

BPO companies may also provide access to an existing network of procurement-focused centers in various countries across the globe. This allows for a high-quality, industrialized, global procure-to-pay platform in a multi-client environment. The vendor may also offer advanced business analytics tools and capabilities that aid in driving additional savings.