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Solar Power System Monitoring In Australia

Using solar energy to power your home can result in reduced energy costs and is a clean source of energy for the environment.

Owners of solar power systems must install a reputable solar analytics monitoring system to ensure peak performance and to calculate electricity savings and environmental benefits, as well as to continually check the system for faults or problems that, if caught early, can be corrected and prevent system failure or degradation.

Inverter Panel

These are the simplest monitoring devices which usually consist of a digital readout on a straightforward front panel placed outside near the photovoltaic array. These are designed to provide basic information such as system power generation (in watts), total daily energy production (in kilowatt-hours), photovoltaic input voltage and photovoltaic input current (volts and amps).

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Remote Panel

Some manufacturers of inverter panels offer remote panel monitoring, which allows more detailed tracking and also allows you to monitor system progress from any location inside. They can be either hardwired or wireless

Web Monitoring

One advantageous upgrade to your system is the option to monitor capability from a peripheral network device or with built-in communication ability through either a local area network or wireless connection.

Web Monitoring of Individual Solar Panels

When you are using one inverter to monitor your entire array, you are not able to calculate the functionality and performance of individual solar panels. However, with micro-inverters this kind of pinpoint accuracy becomes possible.