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Secure Email Hosting – What Are The Advantages

Managing an internal messaging infrastructure can take a lot of time and resources. Due to this, more and more companies are turning to modern email hosting plans. It's easy to see why ongoing maintenance not only increases costs, it increases the likelihood of virus infection and hardware and software problems. Such problems can cause emails to malfunction for hours to days, which is bad for businesses.

Forwarding your messaging needs to a professional hosting provider has several advantages. Read on to find out more about what matters most.

Secure Access To Webmail:

In general, email hosting companies offer standard 128-bit encryption for their email servers that are active during a web email session. Basically, this means that once you log in, the data sent to the server and back is encrypted until you leave. These well-established reliable & secure email hosting practices ensure that confidential messages are not compromised or intercepted in any way.

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Lots Of Storage Space:

Once you sign up for an email hosting account, you usually get plenty of storage space for each mailbox you create. While some provide MB of memory, others provide GB for the mailbox. Each of these possibilities gives you a lot of storage space so you can effectively store multiple messages. With a more flexible solution, it's easy to upgrade when you need more storage space.

Spam And Virus Filtering:

By using an effective email hosting solution, you can block potentially dangerous emails before they even enter the network. Typically, antivirus scanners are built into the host's SMTP gateway, which handles spam in various ways. If a company wants to remove junk email, it uses filtering methods such as whitelisting, blacklisting, and lists, and lets you have a configuration that sends it directly to the quarantine folder, not your inbox.