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Online Therapy: Is It Worth It?

The Inside Scoop – Online Therapy

After moving from Boulder, Colorado, to Portland, Oregon, I had my first session of online therapy via Skype. I was looking for support and hadn't yet found one in Portland. My therapist and I were able to do the same work in person, much to my surprise. I was able to get what I needed, despite some audio glitches and screen freezes.

It was obvious to me as a therapist that this web-based healing would be huge. It is an integral part of my practice so I thought it would be helpful to share what I consider the pros and cons of online therapy. If you want to know detailed information about this topic then you can visit


  • Online therapy has the greatest advantage for me because both clients and practitioners can work in any setting they choose. Clients feel more relaxed and comfortable, which can result in more openness and consequently, better results.

  • Online therapy is third and perhaps most important. It allows people to access valuable support even if they aren't able to go to an office. As technology becomes more interconnected, this is becoming increasingly important.


  • Human contact: Are we preventing deeper human contact by seeking support? Many people find that the therapeutic relationship creates the most meaningful relationships in their life. 

  • This can be both a blessing or a curse depending on how the therapist works with the client to incorporate the benefits of their intimacy into the client’s life.