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Need To Know About E-Commerce Recruitment


While the industry is still booming with almost limitless potential, the competition for top talent is now through the roof, making it more difficult than ever to find, connect with and hire elite candidates.

As with most obstacles in life, the best way to overcome this challenge is to better understand what you’re up against and seek a little inspiration from other people that have found success. You can get ecommerce business news via

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In that spirit, we’ve created this guide to provide a primer on the e-commerce industry, identify the most in-demand e-commerce roles and cover a few examples of e-commerce companies that are nailing recruitment.



E-Commerce is on the rise as consumers opt for the convenience and safety of online shopping over going to a store in person. These new purchasing habits have shone a light on how much consumers value convenience and digital options to fulfill their shopping needs.

E-Commerce Has Gone Global

Thanks to low barriers to entry and relatively affordable shipping costs, e-commerce companies are popping up all over the world. This is good news from a business perspective, but it also means you’re competing for talent on a global scale. Market research firm CB Insights mapped the e-commerce industry by country to paint a more complete picture.