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More About Horse Supplies

Having a horse can be an expensive proposition. Your life long dream of riding whenever you want on your own personal horse has become a reality. Now, unless you were raised around horses, you are probably in for the surprise of your life. 

Not just a place to purchase horse supplies is important, but what you need to keep your animal safe and healthy is also very important. For that, You will need to purchase a variety of horse supplies online. 

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Start with the saddle and harness-there are several different types including dressage, jumping, stock seat and the regular all purpose saddle. Most are made of leather that is strong and durable. The harnesses are usually made of leather, cotton, wool, web or nylon and should be designed to not pinch or inflammation of the animals.

Now, you need a special pad that goes under the saddle to protect the horse's back. Safety stirrups are needed to ensure that your feet will break loose during the autumn-you do not want to be dragged by the horse. There are different types of bridle and these vary, but the goal is to help you control the animals.

Unless you decide that you want to invest in special riding equipment. Riding clothes are usually traditional in style and materials while being practical. There are hats, shoes, jackets, jodhpurs, gloves, and the list goes on. Or, you can just get comfortable in an old pair of jeans, a flannel shirt, leather gloves and boots-these will also work.