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Melbournes Car Accidents – How To Get A Rental Car?

If your car breaks down in an accident, you have two choices: you are at fault or not. If you are at fault, you can get a rental car from your own insurance company if you have rental car coverage.

If you are innocent, you can rent a car from the guilty driver's insurance company. Some state laws require that drivers' insurance companies fail to pay "reasonable transportation costs" or "reasonable rental fees for replacement vehicles" while your damaged vehicle is being repaired. You can also look for crash rental car in Melbourne online.

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Guilty drivers' insurance usually doesn't allow them to rent a car until they can talk to their insured and confirm that they are really at fault. This can be a problem if their insurance is not available or if they lie about the accident.

This depends on:

(1) vehicle rental value;

(2) loss of income that you are likely to derive from using the Vehicle; and,

(3) what you spend to reduce your losses e.g. if you have rented your own car.

It is generally accepted that the right to compensation for loss of use of the vehicle does not depend on the owner actually renting a replacement vehicle during the period of loss of use.

If another driver causes the accident, ask their insurance company to rent a car to you. If it's your fault, rent a car through your insurance, but only if you have rental car coverage.