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Maintenance Tips for Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Operating a commercial kitchen comes with an enormous responsibility. First, you must make sure that your employees are in the safety of a kitchen. In addition, you should avoid kitchen fires, contamination of food items, and ensure that your kitchen is secure. You can also contact experts for commercial kitchen exhaust & filtration maintenance via Bilby Group.

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Here is an inventory of tips for maintenance to ensure that your restaurant's commercial equipment is neat and tidy. The person who is responsible for managing the maintenance of commercial kitchens must take into consideration all the aspects of a well-equipped kitchen. 

This includes cleaning microwave ovens for commercial use flooring, work tables, floors, and food warmers, holding equipment heaters, ventilators racks, hoods, and much more. 

Ideas for Restaurant Equipment Maintenance Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

1. Daily, weekly and monthly cleanings

The kitchen appliances you use for professional use must be maintained daily. Monthly deep cleaning is recommended. Cleaning will ensure that all dirt, as well as food debris, are cleared of your appliances. 

2. Clean your Vent Hood, Ducts

The hood and vent are prone to collecting build-up of grease and food debris. The build-up is a reason to employ a professional at least every six months to conduct a cleaning service. In addition to the professional hood cleaning the team must also be cleaning the hood regularly to keep it appearing clean.

3. Clean Your Grease Filter

One of the simplest methods to prevent fire from grease within your home is by cleaning the grease filters frequently. The grease filters are designed to collect grease and cut down on amounts of it that flow into the duct. Cleaning your filters frequently can reduce the amount of dirt that you remove from the kitchen equipment in restaurants.