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Look Naturally Beautiful in Crushed Kurtis

Kurtis is no longer unique. It has become a wardrobe staple for Indian women, as well as women who belong to various parts of the world. While it is known as a tunic in other parts of the world, in India it is known as a Kurti mainly due to its resemblance to Indian men's clothing, Kurta. Kurtis can be classified into two categories, casual wear, and designer party wear.

Indian Kurtis is made with the sweltering climate of India in mind. That is one of the main reasons why most Indian Kurtis are made of cotton. Few popular varieties of Indian Cotton Kurtis are Printed Cotton Kurtis, Embroidered Cotton Kurtis, Bandhini Cotton Kurtis, etc. Apart from these, there is another variety of Indian Cotton Kurtis known as Shredded Cotton Kurtis which is extremely popular due to its appearance. A shredded cotton Kurti is essentially a cotton Kurti that is deliberately wrinkled to give it a squashed look. You can also purchase the women kurta in the UK from

Alternatively, it is also made from cotton fabric that has a wrinkled texture during manufacture, but making it plain cotton first and then creasing it to give it a wrinkled look is an easier and therefore widely practiced option. Shredded Kurtis is usually made from thinner cotton varieties, as it is easier to achieve the shredded effect with light fabrics than with thick, heavy fabrics. Besides cotton, shredded Kurtis is also made from other light fabrics like georgette, chiffon, light silk, etc.

Shredded Kurtis, due to their appearance, are excellent casual or semi-casual clothing items and impart a kind of bohemian look. It looks amazing when paired with a pair of jeans or even leggings. The shorter varieties of Crushed Kurtis pair beautifully with long gypsy skirts. The flattened Kurtis are perfect for those who prefer and can wear the casual chic look with success.