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Laser Dentistry – Science Fiction or the Future of Oral Health?

Laser dentistry offers several important benefits to patients, but currently, only about 5% of dental offices have laser procedure equipment. When patients realize the benefits of laser treatments for oral health as well as cosmetic dentistry, the number of offices offering laser dentistry is sure to increase significantly.

Laser dentistry is often less painful and invasive than traditional methods. For example, patients may choose to undergo laser surgery to avoid anesthesia during certain procedures. 

Patients with cosmetic or oral health problems, especially those who have a low pain tolerance or are afraid to undergo dental surgery, may prefer laser dental treatment over surgery or other treatments. You can contact the highly qualified dentist near me at for the regular checkup of your teeth. 

Other advantages of laser dentistry are:

* Most laser dental procedures do not require the use of sutures where traditional surgical methods require controlling bleeding and speeding healing.

* Laser precise damage to surrounding tissue is rare and usually minimal.

* The energetic jets help the blood to clot, resulting in less bleeding and discomfort. It also promotes cellular healing, leading to faster recovery.

* The laser beam sterilizes the area where the dentist works, preventing postoperative infection.

The dentist evaluates the accuracy, speed, and control of the laser procedure. You can perform more sensitive or precise interventions more quickly and with less patient discomfort. 

Because it is a relatively new technology, laser dentistry is improving and becoming more accessible day by day. It is hoped that laser technology will soon be available from most dentists with lower costs and increased demand.