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Know About Swimming Pool Covers

You can considerably decrease swimming pool heating costs by having a pool cover. Swimming pools lose water in a number of ways, but evaporation is definitely the largest source of water loss.

An automatic retractable swimming pool cover minimizes the evaporation of both outdoor and indoor pools. Covering the pool when it is not in use is the most effective way to reduce the cost of heating the pool.

It's best to use a specially designed cover for the pool. They are made of distinct materials, for example, UV-stabilized polyethylene, vinyl, or polypropylene. They can be opaque or transparent. Covers can even be light or dark in color.

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One of the lowest costs of quilts made specifically for the pool is a bubble (or solar) cover. The vinyl cover consists of a heavier material and has a longer life prospect than bubble covers.

A swimming pool cover will reduce the solar gain role to some level, depending on what type you are using. A transparent bubble cover can reduce the absorption of the solar energy pool by 5% -15%.

A totally opaque cover will reduce by 20% -40%. You need to consider this when choosing a swimming pool cover.

You also need to decide whether you want a manual, semi-automatic, or automatic pool cover. You can yourself pull the cover on and off, folding it and place it somewhere out of the way.