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How To Take Care Of Indoor Plants?

Getting home a plant is like getting home a life. You must guard it with love and attention because it is important to see and understand the atmosphere of your home before bringing plants.

It is important to ensure that the environment in your home/office or other room meets the system requirements. There are many companies that also provide an easy plant identification app. You can easily get more information about the plant identification app at Bloomcatch.

All plants need food, water, and sunlight to survive. However, different plants need different amounts.

1. Water- Water your plants according to their needs. Plants need water, but not too much or too little. Most plants want the roots to be moist but not wet. You need to supply your plants with constant water. Most of our ornamental plants are based on coconut peat.

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The best way to check whether you should water the plants or not is to check the coconut peat and see how dry it is, and water it as needed. When the peat turns light brown and looks dry, you should water the plants. However, at the same time, you must ensure that there is no water on the floor.

The best way to check is by not putting your finger on the coconut peat and checking if it is dry or moist inside.

2. Light – The next most important thing is light. Some plants need enough sunlight. On the other hand, some can easily live without natural or dim light.

For example – bamboo plants are fortunate to be satisfied with moderate indirect light. But bonsai need at least 3-4 hours of sunshine a day. Most green plants tolerate little or no sunlight.