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How To Get Your Locks Keyed – Three Options

There are terms that you may often hear when discussing all kinds of keys. Below is defined each term and also explained how they relate to the security level of the key itself. It is very important to understand that the security level of a particular security lock can not be changed. You can not change mid-level security locks for high-security locks and vice-versa. You can, however, reduce the level of high-security locks by master keying.

key cutting can be done in three ways:

Similar keys:

This is where all the keys are the same. This means that each key will use to open the same lock. All the keys will be cut the same.

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A different key type:

This is where the lock will only have one key that opens it. For example, the key of lock A would only open that lock. It does not open lock B and B keys will open only lock B. here the keys will be cut differently.

Master keys:

This is where all the different keys known as the master key will open all the locks. A "Master System" is usually produced through computers to track the number of locks and keys used. The master system can be very complex and has many different levels. You will find this type of master system in commercial applications such as schools, hospitals, and government buildings.

When selecting the key, try to plan how it will be used in your keying system.