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How The GMC Six-Way Tailgate Works

The tailgate, which consists of three main components – the main tailgate, the inner tailgate, and the load limiter – is operated via two small rubber buttons just above the giant GMC badge.

These buttons can be used to activate four electric locks, two on either side of the truck among the inner tailgate and the outer side of the primary tailgate. You can also get the best GMC multipro tailgate through various online sources.

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Press the lower button and you activate two electronic locks, which seem to screw only into the rear main tailgate.

Those latches will begin, and the tailgate will fall slowly. Like many tailgates on modern trucks, they were abolished.

From this position, you can insert your finger into the slightly concave rectangular hole in the surface of the tailgate and pull the red plastic knob towards the rear of the truck.

This will pull two locks on either side of the load limit. When the bolt is pulled, the black firing pin on the inner rear side of the door will release the loading stopper.

And since the red button is pressing a little, you can simply pull the load brake from the edge above the knob and rotate it around the hinge in a vertical position.

That way, you can place large planks of wood, pipes, and other long objects on the bed without fear of being thrown from behind and bumping into someone.

Note that you will only have a limited number of objects to use with this load attachment, as more than 4 feet can push the support strip off.