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How Does Shockwave Therapy Work In Edmonton?

Shockwave therapy is a painless treatment that uses high-frequency sound waves to treat chronic pain. The waves cause tissue damage and inflammation, which reduces the amount of pain felt. 

This therapy is used to treat conditions like carpal tunnel, arthritis, and back pain. It has also been found to be helpful for people who have headaches caused by migraines. You can navigate to this website to find the best physiotherapist for your needs. It’s especially good for people who are sensitive to light when they read, because light can make them more sensitive to pain. 

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What does Shockwave Therapy do? 

By stimulating the body's natural healing process, the treatment helps to stimulate cellular repair within affected areas of your body. These cells then begin to "repair" and rebuild nearby tissues, making them healthier and stronger. This is how shockwave therapy works to relieve chronic pain in a natural way without drugs.

If you're suffering from chronic pain, shockwave therapy may be the answer for you. Shockwave therapy is a noninvasive treatment that uses high-energy sound waves to stimulate nerve cells in the body. This stimulation can help to reduce inflammation and pain in the areas that are affected, which can often lead to long-term relief. 

If you're interested in trying shockwave therapy for your chronic pain, be sure to speak with your doctor about whether it's an appropriate treatment option for you.