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Hosted Exchange Services In Cincinnati – Benefits And Features

Exchange Hosted Services and Microsoft Exchange, provide lot of benefits for businesses. Based on Microsoft Exchange Server, it provides online collaboration across a range of features such as email, calendars, tasks, and contacts, allowing users to access information with an Internet connection.  

The main advantages of Microsoft in Cincinnati are that it allows a company to improve the availability and performance of their workforce. 

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Another advantage of using a Microsoft product is that it integrates easily into existing knowledge of the workforce. In terms of usability, Exchange Hosted Services in Cincinnati has five basic features, each selected from the ultimate goal of reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

• Each user is assigned an online mailbox of twenty-five gigabytes. This combined storage with the ability to send attachments up to thirty megabytes creates a highly functional and practical messaging solution.

• Protection against viruses and spam is included under the standard exchange packages. The advanced technology used to filter and analyze incoming messages helps reduce the amount of downtime caused by spam emails, phishing scams and viruses.

• Web access as mentioned earlier is a major component in Exchange packages. More than just allowing users to access their mail from anywhere in the world but it is the Outlook-like experience based on an effective browser that makes it a very valuable service.

• Finally, shared contacts and calendar functionality allows users to schedule meetings simply and easily. The advantage of this is clear, smoother and more effective collaboration in the workforce.

Using Microsoft Exchange, it is possible to significantly improve the productivity of any business, like a very flexible solution, it is suitable for use in a range of different environments.