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Hookah Smoking Since Times Unknown

Hookah is often referred to as Shisha or Nargila in Arab countries. Although derived from the Indian subcontinents, there is always a common misconception that becoming an Arab invention. If you want to get more information about the shisha supplier, visit

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It was the British who, after conquering India made available to the world hookah. Since then Hookahs have been regarded as a recreational pastime in many countries around the world. Now, you can see the lounge in countries that offer hookah to their customers.

Earlier in the time of origin, the hookah is not as fashionable as it is now but made from coconut shells. Although their function remains the same, it is mainly used to smoke opium, weed, and marijuana. 

Then, the use of tobacco in hookahs are becoming more popular as the latter began to take their modifications in various regions around the world.

What started in the East now becomes widespread in the West as many Americans and Europeans choose hookah over other objects that can be smoked. But, not many of them are aware of or have little knowledge of the art of smoking a hookah. 

A Hookah or Shisha if not smoked in the right way will never give you complete satisfaction so it is important that the smoke in the right way.

The first have to start by purchasing an authentic hookah both wholesale hookah or shisha shop. Keeping a sharp eye on any kind of defect such as a crack in the vessel and ensuring that the airtight apparatus. You can do that by lighting a hookah and checking it in the store itself.