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Disposal of Flammable Liquid

Flammable liquids that remain, such as paints, solvents, lubricants, or any other dangerous workplace substances aren't able to be burnt off, tossed in the regular garbage, or dumped into the drain. This makes disposing of them quite a challenge. There are some companies too that provide flammable liquid recovery and disposal services like Benzoil.

What Class Is Flammable Liquids In?

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A few suggestions to properly dispose of hazardous liquids.

Storing liquid waste that is flammable

It's recommended to store any flammable liquids that are used or contaminated in the same manner that unused liquids are kept; in a marked container constructed from the same material that it was stored in. If you're dealing in a large quantity of flammable liquid your recycler ought to be able to provide large waste containers.

Do not mix different kinds of flammable or hazardous liquids into the same container, unless your recycler allows it. This will make recycling the materials simpler and, in certain cases, could prevent hazardous chemical reactions.

More on Workplace Safety:

  • Involving employees in your loss prevention program

  • Equipment to keep your employees secure at work

  • Be sure to protect yourself and your employees by wearing Personal protective gear

There could be rules that restrict the number of flammable liquids that can be kept on your property even if it's being utilized. Therefore, it is recommended to get your waste materials picked regularly.

Of course, be sure you're wearing protective equipment (PPE) when working with liquids that are flammable or hazardous waste.

Proper labeling is essential

Hazardous or flammable liquids that are present at work are covered by WHMIS, an information system for workplace hazards. system for workplaces. The requirements for WHMIS include labeling every item that enters your workplace from suppliers, as well as smaller containers that employees could use during their work.