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Discover a New You With Naturopathy

The practitioners of naturopathy believe that the human body itself is able to maintain its health by treating it naturally. Treatment that begins naturopathically concentrates on the overall care of the patient and is much more concerned with maintaining health in the long term.

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Naturopathy believes that "prevention is better than cure" and all its practitioners will emphasize this area as well. Prevention is more important here and how to fight disease. All therapy is planned with a proper diet so that the patient can feel comfortable during the treatment. This is the best way to encourage patients to adopt healthy eating habits and practices that serve as awareness.

The basic principles of naturopathy are as follows:

• Healthy Eating – The natural healing ethos states that “we are what we eat”, meaning that our diet determines our health. Malnutrition is one of the main causes of poor health.

• Fasting – helps us to partially or completely reduce our intake of concentrated foods during our illness and has many benefits. It is well known that the power we derive from hunger is hormonal, making it an anti-inflammatory response. 

• Hydrotherapy – involves healing processes such as using a cold bath to help your body relax.

Being healthy is a great feeling and you should take personal responsibility for your health.